1990 - “Horse & Sleigh”
Created by Cammie Lundeen
Legacy Ornaments
Here you will find ornaments that we have offered in the past, but that are no longer available to the public. These Legacy Ornaments are true collector’s pieces.
1991 - “Cherubs”
Created by Jane DeDecker
1992 - “Flyin’”
Created by Blaire Muhlestein
1993 - “Ice Follies”
Created by Ann LaRose
1994 - “Bunnies”
Created by Nancy Scott Becker
1995 - “Santa’s List”
Created by Dee Clements
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Loveland Christmas Ornament
Brought to you by dedicated community volunteers.
1996 - “Cherished”
Created by Teresa Hansen
1997 - “Holly Horse”
Created by Sarah Rose
1998 - “Oh Christmas Tree”
Created by Ben Cordsen
1999 - “Ho Ho Ho”
Created by Randy Hand
2000 - “First Christmas”
Created by Fritz White
2005 - “Cradle of Light”
Created by Herb Mignery
2012 - “Night of Promise”
Created by Nicole Cutler
2014 - “Simple Gifts”
Created by Mark Hopkins