How can people believe in things like Evolution?  And humanism, or at extreems, cults and Satanism.  The only reason I can see is lots and lots of work on the Devils part.  This is defintately a day and age of great desception.  This desception is so deep that humans alone cannot break it.  Only with God's help can we do this.  But I wonder if God wants to break it.  Perhaps the endtimes are nearer than I think.  Like a huge wave  so big I think it's just part of the sky.  Then, when the time is right, it will come crashing down on me, ans the whole world.  But the big shock is that even then most of the population will not "wake up" and see that they're too late.  They will say; "An accedent happened", or "Aliens have cleansed the world", and they will still not even relize that God is even there.  Eventually, with the "anti-christ" and the "seven trumpets" and the "seven seals:, and the "seven bowls of wrath" they will relize that there is a God, but instead of repenting and being sorry for their sins they will hate God and do everything within their power to fight him.  Then will be the greatest battle of all history.  Probably little will be seen in the physical, but I'm sure it will be very strongly felt in the physical.  Most of the battle will be in the spirit realm, not with lazers, nukes, and fake peace talks, but an all out, being to being, to the "death", battle that will end time as we know it.  It is a battle for something much more than land or oil...it's for human souls!!!