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This is supposed to be a few of the most valuable Star Wars pictures and sounds.  (Well really it's all of the cool ones.)  Some of them are from Star Wars Special Edition but most are from the "old" one.  Note: if you want to download these instead of listening to them or looking at them press "shift" then click on the link.

Oh, and if you want to see 3 truly huge text files there right here: the full script to all three movies; A New Hope(221K), The Empire Strikes Back (193K) and Return of the Jedi (214K)

You can go to the following points on this page:

.MID sounds or .WAV sounds or .JPG pictures

.MID sounds:

2cantina.mid(29K) A fairly good MID of the famous cantina song, it's not very well done though.  I would only suggest it if you don't worry about quality.

cantina.mid(41K) A much better version of the cantina song.

battle.mid(66K) A fairly good MID of the "final" battle in "A New Hope".

themes2.mid(40K) A collection of a few of the major theme songs in Star Wars.

empire.mid(35K) The Evil Empire's theme song. It's pretty good for a MID file.

finale1.mid(32K) Another collection of the major songs of all three movies. 5 min. long! (This is the one that's playing in the background.)

starwars.mid(34K) The age-old Star Wars theme song. Really well done for MID (3+ minutes long).

sw.mid(40K)  Another one that's slightly diffrent than all the others.

swtheme.mid(22K) A smaller version of the Star Wars theme song, not as well done and only just over a minute long.

.WAV sounds: Mostly famous one liners. I have tried to include enough script so you can tell which one it is I'm talking about.

900years.wav(89K) Yoda-"When 900 years old you be..."

junk.wav(28K) Luke-"What a piece of junk!"

Badfeel.wav(158K) Han-"I've got a bad feeling about this."

Chances.wav(93K) C3PO-"Artoo says the chances of survival are..."

Chewie.wav(29K) One of Chewie's familiar growels.

destroyu.wav(60K) Vadar-"Don't make me destroy you."

detenatr.wav(50K) C3PO-"Because he's holding a thermal detonator!"

dusting.wav(218K) Han-"Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops boy."

everythi.wav(714K) Han's conversation in the detention block. Definitely worth the wait.

fire.wav(28K) ?-"You may fire when ready."

Foreseen.wav(85K) Emperor-"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it."

identifi.wav(204K) Ben-"You don't need to see his identification."

Laserbrn.wav(59K) Leia-"I don't know where you get you delusions laser-brain."

r2-d2.wav(126K) R2-D2 "whistling".

smellbad.wav(104K) Han-"And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!"

thank.wav(38K) Han-"Don't everybody thank me at once."

traitor.wav(32K) Vader-You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor."

villany.wav(111K) Ben-"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

.JPG pictures: Now for some cool looking pictures. These do now have thumbnails, but I still tried to describe them as best I could. Click on the thumbnail or the filename to see the full picture.  Another note: some of these thumbnails look very grainy but that's because of what happened during shrinking. Click on it and actually look at it to see what it's really like.

approach.jpg(70K) A beautiful picture of the approaching rebels to the first death star (from the front of the ships).

art_yoda.jpg(31K) A rather strange but perhaps neat painting of Yoda using the force. The weird part is he's is using the lighting stuff the Emperor used in the last movie.

atat.jpg(66K) A very large picture of an AT-AT.

awing.jpg(33K) A wonderful picture of a model A-Wing.

band.jpg(67K)  A few of the charicters in Jabba the Hutt's band playing a lively tune.

bantha.jpg(26K) A really awesome picture of the easily scared sand people on Tatooine ridding a Bantha.

battlesh.jpg(32K) An amazingly well done picture for it's small size. It's of the last battle and would work excellent as wallpaper (if you have a converter).  (I have one on my links page.)

battle_o.jpg(77K) A good picture of Han trying to break into the bunker while firing is going on everywhere.

c3po_r2d.jpg(65K) C-3PO and R2-D2 on Tatooine heading for Jabba's's palace. Really well done.

cast.jpg(121K) This is a picture of all the cast (or at least the major people). Really cool if you like that sort of thing.

chewie_c.jpg(53K) A picture of Chewie carrying C-3PO after he was blown apart on cloud city.

corvette.jpg(20K) Don't worry, I always think of a car too, but it's really of the blockade runner Princess Liea was on in A New Hope.

darth_va.jpg(52K) A close-up of Darth Vader. I like it.

darthvad.jpg(53K)  Darth Vader, carefully guarded by storm troopers, is about to freeze Han on cloud city.

deathsta.jpg(102K)  A really awesome and fairly large picture of the first death star.

destroye.jpg(27K) This is a picture of the Imperial Star Destroyer at the beginning of the original movie.

destroyf.jpg(26K) Same as above but it's from the new movie and shows Rebel ships shields flaring up.

destroyg.jpg(30K) Same as the above but it's the front view, very well done, it's a must have.

droidsin.jpg(35K) Our two hero droids in the second movie at the "hidden" rebel base on Hoth. Very nice.

esdbduel.jpg(28K)  Luke and Darth fighting it out on Cloud City.

frigate.jpg(141K) A really large picture of one of the Rebel frigates, slightly grainy but not near as much as it seems from the thumbnail..

han_and_.jpg(71K) A good picture of Han and Chewie who are about to blow someone to kingdom come. Not at all grainy in the full picture.

hantort.jpg(36K)  A picture of Han screeming in pain as he is tortured in Cloud City.

heros.gif(82K)  This is a picture of our three heros on that one forested planet I like so much with the little bears.

leiasw1.jpg(20K) A very professional-looking framed picture of the Princess Leia at the very end of A New Hope.

luke17.jpg(10K)  A close up og Luke's facejust a little before he let's go at cloud city.  Very small but well done.  

melleniu.jpg(31K) A Computer Graphics picture of the millenium falcon.

milleniu.jpg(140K) A Computer Graphics picture of the millenium falcon with a nice background (much larger also).

Mossisley.gif(88K)  A picture of the "new" Mossisley.  (Sorry about the spelling.)

newjabba.jpg(13K) A picture of the new scene with Jabba the Hutt talking to Han in A New Hope.

party.jpg(56K) A picture of the party with the Ewoks(?) at the end of the last movie.

rancor.jpg(43K) Here the dreaded (and now dead) Rancor crushing the bone that Luke jammed in his mouth.

rancor2.jpg(61K)  This is more of an action picture of Luke and his confrontation with the rancor.

return1a.jpg(18K) The Mellenium Falcon vanishing into the distance with a huge Jupiter-like planet invadeing your view (now that was eloquent huh?).

ronto3b.jpg(70K) The much anticipated Ronto scene is here with the "swoosh" going by.

ronto4.jpg(70K) This is after the "swoosh" has passed, if you look carefully you can see it in the background.

shuttle.jpg(47K) A model of one of the Imperial Shuttles. Very nice.  But rather boaring.  

snowspee.jpg(22K) A Computer Graphics picture of snow speeders. If you look carefully you can see the second death star in the sky.

snowspef.jpg(150K) Another model, this time of (wonder of wonders) a snowspeeder!  

spdarthi.jpg(40K) A really cool, personalized picture of Darth Vader attacking Luke over the first death star.

spdarths.jpg(47K) Another personalized picture of Darth Vader strangleing a brave rebel trying to find "the plans".

spinfalc.jpg(44K) The Mellenium Falcon in space and Luke trying to be a back-seat driver.

space_ba.jpg(128K) An awesome picture featuring the 2nd Death Star and the Mellenium Falcon with lots of fighting all around.  The picture at the top is the same only slightly modified.

spdesert.jpg(33K) Another personalized picture, this time of storm troopers studying the crashed escape pod on Tatooine.

specials.jpg(37K) One more personalized picture of a storm trooper shooting, this one has a really gripping effect.

starcrui.jpg(28K) A mind-blowing picture showing a close up of a star cruiser cruising towards the 2nd death star.

studz.jpg(52K)  This is a picture of Luke, Ben, and C3P0 looking arcross the desert toward Mossisley.  (Again I apologize for my spelling but how am I supposed to know how to spell these?)  

super.jpg(193K)  A CG picture of a Star DESTROYER and a cool background.

swanh03.jpg(29K) Yet another one of my favorite "personalized" pictures.  This one is when Han and Ben are talking prices about a transport to Aalderan.

swanh04.jpg(39K) This personalized picture is when the storm troopers stopped Ben and Luke when entering the city. Very nice, gets across some emotion.

swanh08.jpg(37K) The last but not least personalized picture is of Leia right after she fed the vital information into R2-D2 and is attempting to hide.

temple1b.jpg(51K) This is an excerpt from the new movie of the base on that one planet. They've totally revised it. I love this picture.

the_mill.jpg(76K) This is a lovely one of the Millenium Falcon in it's hangar at I believe the "new" Mos Iseley space port.

tiefight.jpg(60K) A really sweet picture of a tie interceptor(?) flying after the Rebels into the 2nd death star.

tiefighu.jpg(53K) A realistic-looking view from the "shoulder" of a tie-fighter(?) chasing an x-wing.

torture.jpg(86K) The torture droid in A New Hope.

trahcom.jpg(153K)  This is a picture of Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewie trying desperately ti stop the walls of the trash compresser.  

wampa2.jpg(37K) The much-acclaimed wampa looking like it's mean ugly self. The meat it's holding adds some really cool effect.

xwing.jpg(52K) A really well done painting of Luke on his X-wing that is stuck in the swamp on Degabah.

yoda.jpg(59K) A very nice picture of Yoda looking, well rather like himself. Just look at it, I can't describe it.

zap.jpg(161K)  This is a picture of the Emporer zaping Luke.  But you can't see Luke.

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