You hear all about the problems that teens today face, from simple peer pressure to divorced parents. However I rarely hear any answeres to cope with these problems. But here is an answer to a very real problem: wearing masks. There are at least two main sides to this issue, the one more often talked about and more visible side whch is that of haveing a “duble standard”.  Acting one way around a certian type of people and another around a diffrent type of people. Such as fitting the “christian mold” during youth group and the next day going to a “bad” party and trying to fit in there. After you understand that principle and arn’t doing that anymore (by not going to those type of parties) then there is another angle to look at. It is that of descernment of when not to show “all you’ve got”. For example, gennerally it would not be best to run throughout the halls during passing period screamming “Your going to hell, repent befor you die!!!”. People, both non-christaians and christains will think your crazy. There could be a time when that is Gods will, but very rarely is it. The non-believers would not ever want to be a christain if that is the image you portray of christianity.  Here’s a real clincher of a verse for what I’m trying to say (parafrased slightly): 1 Corinthians 8:9-13 (13) “So if the food I eat causes my brother [anyone] to sin I will not eat it for his sake.” Be careful here though, your treading on thin ice because if you go too far “Be not conformed to this world...” you’ll have a major problem on your hands. So the key here is; “Be open enugh to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing”. That means continually asking God what his will is and being ready to what he says.  Listen to that still small voice, and do what you know, deep down, is right.  Do that every day and you’ll whip some devil butt!

Willy Schutt