Study Halls Don't Work

The age-old idea of study halls has well worn out it's usefulness.  There is no reason for study halls to remian in excistence.

They are ment fo people to get their homework done in but most are so noisy that you can't do anything, but then if the teacher does actually inforce silence there is nothing for those who have no homework to do.  Addmittedly it does kep kids out of the halls but there's no reason not to make them go outside or into the cafateria.  For those who do wish to study or do homework there should be one or two classrooms they could go in where silence would be enforced.

In my case I have an open A block (1st and 2nd periods) and study hall 8th period; it would do me much more good to be able to do some nessisary work at home without wasting 45 minutes at school.

For other people who have a study hall in the middle of the day it would be benificail for them to; talk with friends in the cafateria, go home and work, or just have a relaxing walk in the park.

I relize this may cause more work for campus monitors who are trying to keep people out of the halls, but the slight inconvienence there would not compare with the obviouse pluses it would have for LHS students.

So take a look at reality, sit back and think about it rationaly.  If study halls were abolished, we would all be better off and get more quality work done too!