In the absencse of reality what is there? A very interesting question going much deeper than may at first be thought. So is there anything in the absence of reality?  First we must know what reality is. Everything right? Well no, not excactly; let’s say I believe life began on this earth 100 ywears ago and history is all made up. To me that is reality, I believe that happened and have no doubts about it. So you may believe our government stinks. Is that reality? To you but maybe not to me.  However what you or I believe does not, in itself, actually change whats going on out there, just what seems to be going on. So other’s reality has no bearing on your reality untill they collide causeing major confusion. But to return to our original question, what is there in the absence of reality? Well I guess it depends on who’s reality! If my reality dissipears there will be no to little changes in what is physically out there, but to me there would be next to nothing and I would probably rebuild my own “reality”. This is the reason for stereotypeing; one persons reality says all people wearing black are gangsters, but that still has nothing to do with them physically. So in the absence of reality is simply other realities!!! But in the absence of all realities is everything “in their true light”. Perhaps that’s the spiritual world; God, demons, and angels can see everything as it is in “reality”. I can’t wait to see that.

If reality is so relative then are there absolutes?. Well “of course” we say, “a cake is a cake is a cake is a cake.”. But a cake is also an el pastel (spanish) a muffin, a cupcake, bread, sugar, eggs, ect... So is a cake absolute? If you  eave it on your table longe enugh it will become dry, them mouldy, then eventually no longer visible. Is it absolute? No. Name one thing that common science studies that is absolute. The planets? Not only do they dissipate into lower-level heat energy, they also aren’t even constant. Are we absolute? That’s pretty easy, we die, change our minds, we can’t do what we want to, we are petty. So is there an absolute? Something we can rely on to never change? Yes there is someone like that and his name’s Jesus. However he is still relative to your point of view. God has allowed us to find our own point of view, but you can descide where it will be.  So please, change your point of view so you can see The Absolute through all the changeing things around us.

Willy Schutt