God is the Potter

Epilogue: This is an alegory I wrote about the different stages in a christains life compared to makeing clay. It’s not great but it’s something to think about.

The slip bucket is where all the sinful “pots” or people go, or just part of the “pot”. The new clay is sinless but in each pot some slip or sinful clay is mixed in, Some more than others. Kneading is when your getting witnessed to because kneading comes before shaping. Pushing the clay up and down is when you are deciding weather or not you want to become a Christian. Some times you don’t really need to decide. Shaping is when you grow and read the Bible. This process can be long or very short. The first firing is when you reach your peak of your understanding of God and his ways. It is a beautiful time in you life but also very challenging. The glazing and second firing is when you know everything you will know on this earth.  This is the shortest period. And being used is when you die and go to heaven!