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The ROC's Roost logo does have some very interesting meaning behind it; there is a family, which represents people and how we interact with them,  and last, but really most importantly, is a church which represents the important spiritual aspects of our lives.

In case you don't know what a Roc is, it is an extremely large mythological bird, in fact, it is so large it feeds it young elephants just too keep them busy!  Go to The Best Beast Book to see a better description (it is at a completely different domain).  

This web page is supposed to be a delicate balance between business-like and fun type things.  For example I have my Star Wars page with lots of pictures, songs, and quotes.  But I also have a "theological documents" section that has many different essays and short thoughts about many core issues.  

Those two pages are my main ones but I also have one that I call "pointless pages" which is basically the short history of these web pages, and my personal links page.  

I also have a text-only version of my Star Wars page for people with slow links.  Thanks so much for visiting, and please give me any feedback you might have about my page.

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Disclaimer:  These pictures are all ones I pulled from other web sites at one point in time or ones I have made.  Please always  feel free to E-mail me anything you want to.  Thanks.  My E-mail address is below.

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