Those who do not believe in Christ are looking at life from a diffrent point of view than christians. Christains know that God is real by what I call “little miricles” he’s done in my life, but most of all through faith. We are believers, we believe Christ came to earth, died, rose again and zipped up to heaven. But other’s do not believe. Some, do not know anything of the spirit world. Why? Because Satan intensely magnifies the “things of the flesh” of physical things like love, friends, money, cloths, etc... hopeing to over shadow God. But he’s still there. What Christians need to do show Non-believers where God is, and lead them down the right path. But what about when people don’t want to?  Someone once said to me, “I don’t understand this God stuff, and I don’t want to.”. God still loves them and want’s them in his kingdom, so what do we do? Well the Lord pressed upon me this question and I think I’ve reached a satisfactory answer. The Holy Spirit through prayer. Let’s go to the armor of God and the sword of the spirit. A sword is mostly an offencive weapon though also used as defence in close, one man combat (and in movies). That is how the spirit works through prayer, it makes us aware of problems and things that need prayer and sometimes gives us specail guidence as to what exactly to pray for then we do it. It also helps us see God through all the bloated worldly pictures around us. Then and only then, after we’ve prayed for God to take care of the spiritual side of things we trust him to show us what to say and when. We must not cease praying nor act other than who we are, let God’s love flow through you, like the Force, only diffrent. Satan is also good at this game, when people are open he entices them into evil with games and frilly magic. People may open and close frequently so always be prepared, and open yourself... to God.