A Message from the TRUE Heart

Life, reality, God, our spirit.  These key words are very much at the heart of human curiosity.  There has never been anything that intruges us more.  In fact, they include just about everything.  Everything in both the physical universe and spiritual universe.  But so many people don't know it.  They try to make themselves believe that they don't believe, but ingrained in every human heart is this knowledge of "more than meets the eye" or we know that things do not end in the physical.  There must be another "level".  Some people call this level "Dimention X" or "The spirit world" or "the afterlife"...  Stop for a second and think of you word for this next level.  Is it heaven or hell?  Or is it simply Death itself?  It's there for everyone, you may have buried it, you may deny it, you may ignor me, but if you honestly search for it, I promise you will find it.  Then you must descide what you believe about it.  Is God there?  Does everyone go there?  It it good?  Bad?  There are so many possibilities here that I'm not going to go into them.  But I do want to tell you my idea of this place; first thing is that I will go there after I die.  I will not have a "human" body.  Perhaps it will be like some science fiction writers envisioned the "perfect race".  They are beings that have no mass or substance.  They are completely composed of thought.  Perhaps it will be like that.  And I believe there will be many of us there, but one central being.  This being will not be a tyrant or a king really, but he will be implicetly obeyed.  I call this place heaven.  After I say that all these pre-concieved ideas rush into your head.  That's why I waited 'till the end. And no matter what you call it... there's only one way to get to the "right" one.  And that's truely beliveing that Jesus died, rose again, and now is in heaven with God the father.  Mat God bless your steps.