The Future: Shrowded in Mist or...?

The future has always captivated mankinds intrest, the simple facts that it effects us so profoundly and that we don''t know are the keys to why we are so intruiged.  But is it really unaccessable?  Throughout all time many have claimed to "see" the future.  Many of these people are called prophets, but even assuming it;s true, how?  Many would say it's undefinable mental gimicks that are simply very hard to do.  Like a hidden keystroke involving 30,000 keys.  But I attest to a much simpiler explanation; a being in the "spirit realm" (i.e. God) can see it and, at times, communicates it to people.  Many people do not believe in a "spirit realm" but I think there's no other logical choice.  Weather you call it another dimention, alternate reality, or whatever fancy terminology you might use this "place" is still there.  There is simply too many faults in our universe for it to hold together without help from "higher up".  Concider dimentions; points (1-D things) rely on shadows (2-D things)to make them who rely on 3-D to make them.  Therefore we rely on 4-D things to keep us in operation.  Perhaps the fourth Dimention is Time, but somewhere up there is the last "dimention" that God controlls.  The Nth dimention.  So what does it look like?  I don't know, how can a 1-D thing imagine what a 2-D thing is like?  In much the same way you can say that our world is only one plane of Heaven.  That's all I'll say.