Theological (and other) Documents by Willy Schutt

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I do not have many things here yet but eventually I hope to put more things here.  Eventually I hope to include a jokes page so send anything you have to me at and I'll include it when I put up the page.  Just make sure they are CLEAN!!!  You may also send any cool documents that you would like to include here to me at the above address.  Hope you have a good day. 

Please note: these are in alphabetical order but short articles such as "the" have been skipped over because I'm lazy and I want to do it the easy way.

  1. Aligories of the Christain Faith  Some very intresting aligories about life as a christian, very though provoking.

  2. The Answer  How are habits formed and how are they broken?  Thing like that are discussed in this document.

  3. The Beast's Book  THIS GOES TO A DIFFRENT SERVER AND IS WRITTEN BY MATT ARNS, NOT ME.  A dictionary of all the beast 'syou have ever heard of, and hundreds you haven't, has a few pictures I think.  It also has all the diffrent spellings to.

  4. The Cataclysmic Mistake  Short fiction story about the end of the world.
  5. The future: Shrowded in mist or...?  Two different viewpoint of the future, compared and contrasted.  Really good.
  6. God is the Potter  An essay shedding light on the anology of Christians being the clay and Christ is the potter.  I am a potter so it is realitstic.
  7. How it is  This is an essay I wrote one day after standing in the library at school contemplateing a problem for half an hour.  This has been edited and is also written from a Christian perspective.
  8. A Message from the TRUE Heart  Areally touching document focasing in heaven and theolical thing surrounding it.

  9. Reality?  A very dizzying document questioning what is reality, it's a must read.

  10. Study Halls Don't Work  This is an actual practice essay for a required profieincy where you are given a "hot" topic and must, in the course of an hour and a half, write a convinceing argument abou that document.

  11. Teens Today  Written by me when I was board one day it is about  a problem I think many teens face today, and that is acting to fit the occation.  This is written from a christain perspective.

  12. Unbelief  One of my typical documents questioning why people believe what they do.  Very intruiging and though provocing.

  13. World War I: aircraft  This is part of an essay/group speech I did for JROTC (Junior Reserve Offecers Training Corps) which is a class at my high school.  Click here to see the overhead that went with it. Sorry, not yet fully up.

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