Satan is good, not good as in nice and kind, but he does his job well... very, very well.  He is as slick as a snake and as cunning as a fox.  If it wasn't for God I'd be caught in his trap like so many other people.  Actually I am caught in his traps, but at least i know that and I am trying to getout of them.  Through God's omnipitency I am gaining ground also.  He continually makes me aware of more and more ways Satan has me.  It is very much like the classic exsample of a refiners fire and a blacksmiths hammer.  Everytime that hammer falls sparks fly all around and I feel like I am going to die.  But then all of the sudden He shows me that He's bringing me "higher" and I have a better life because of it.  Then the hammer falls again and I cry out in pain and anger and swear I wont go through that again... but I do.  There are time he lets me rest and "see the view", but those moments are rarely long. And the longer it is the harder it is to get going again.  I think I'm getting to the point where I don't want to stop and rest, just keep going... to the top.  But there is no "top", it just goes on forever.  And I am continually amazed by the view that keeps increasing in beuty as I rise above the polution of the city below.  I haven't gotten anywhere near treeline yet but eventually I shall.  Hikeing up a mountain is much like the "christain walk" because of the beuty you see as you go up.  But you can make other allusions too.  Like a computer game... when you first get a computer game your usually really excited about it and do alot of it but a month or two down the road you've forgatten about it.  It was the same for me except the excitement came a few years after I became a christain.  Then after that period I came "down" into a real dull time just like on the computer game.  After that you go through similar cycles pf playing it alot and then not.  It's usually the same in your christain walk.  You can also equate it with just about any sport.  At first you have talent but you still hardly know how to do anything even though you think your pretty good.  Then you learn how much you suck, then you practice more and get better.  Then you think your really good and on and on.  My christain walk is almost exactly the same.  Tell me if you have any other anologies.