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This page is basically the history of this web page, go ahead and read it, it's rather short but continueally growing.  Have a good day!

     March 10th, 1997:  Hi, I just want to tell you a few interesting facts: one is that I'm using an HTML editor by AOL for the first time and I really like it so far. You can download it from AOLPress by using this link here.  I'll give you more info on it later once I find out if it's worth it or not, it's FREE though, that's rare.  I would also like to put in a good word for the company that I do E-mail with while I'm at it.  Their name is JUNO and their E-mail service is FREE too (do you get the idea I'm a cheap kind of guy?)!  And of course I have to endorse my two friends web pages: Matt's, which is mostly mythical stuff, at his place.  He hopes to get more pictures and stuff when he gets the time.  And then there's Chris's web page.  This one is a bit hard to get into (it has a few security pages you must get through) so if you can't get  through them all this one should get you where you want to be.  You can always's go to my links page to see what I've got there.  This will probably be the longest entry because it's the first so just bear with me.  Well that's it for today.   Please stop by again.

    March 15th, 1997:  Hi everyone.  If anyone thinks this web-page is cool please tell me!!!  Not that it really matters.  Hey, I hope to have a jokes page soon so if you have anything appropreate please E-mail it to me at Willy the_Roc@juno.com.  Also many more intresting "theological" pages comming soon so come back when your bored sometime.  Try the "What's new" page I just put up (it's new).

March 19th, 1997:  I've been haveing a lot of problems lately but that's O.K., I'm sorry for my bad links, I forgot to put the "//" after the "http:" so that messed it all up.  Thanks for you patentcy.  Also everone.  I'm putting more stuff in my theological pages so don't worry.  Bye.

March 31st, 1997:  I finally got all the links on my Star Wars page fixed and added a few more really cool ones!  And that's about it.

April 5th, 1997:  It seems like my Star Wars page is the main thing on my web site!  That's what I spend lots of time with.  I just joined the WEB RING!!!  If you click there it will take you the place on my Star Wars page with the Web Ring stuff.  Gatta go, see ya.

April 9th, 1997:  I just did some major re-doing of my web page, I hope you like the changes!  I added some Roc wanna-be pictures and two cool animated GIF's.  I also began useing a logo for all my web pages, please don't use that in the same manner I do, it's like a trademark :-)

April 19th, 1997:  My birthday!!!  Yay.  I changed a lot of my main pictures to GIF's and totally re-did mymain buttons today (I can't sleep).  Hope you like them.  I also put in a page that has some really cool Escher pictures.  But that put me over 10MG so I had to drop my big .WAV file of Han in talking to someone.  See ya.

April 29, 1997:  Major revision time!!!  I got an account with Cyber City so now my web page will be split up between two sites but I can also soon do CGI scripting too!  That's good.  I'll see you later.

May 2, 1997:  Sorry if you have tried to access my page resently.  I had it all messed up.  I was trying to get the Cyber City connection working and it wasn't.  But for now I will bid you ado.

July 2, 1997:  Haven't Written in a while, but that's OK.  That HTML editor died... Oh I didn't tell you about it.  So never mind.  I am doing a web page for Church of the Good Shepherd. I wish I was getting paid for it but I'm not.  That's OK.  I'll see you later.

August 2, 1997:  That HTML editor I was talking about was Adobe Pagemaker.  It's ecellent but expensive.  I had a trial copy and it was supossed to die but that was still a bummer.  I wish I was rich and could get it.  Well I sort of do.  Anyway that's all.

The End... for now

This site was created by Willy Schutt.  Feel free to report any bad links, problems, concerns, worries, compliments, and ideas that you may have. This site would not be possible without Jesus, please give HIM all the glory, I try to.