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(Willy Schutt)

The Roc's roost

I am presently a Student at Loveland High School and have been interested in computers for years.  Only recently has that interest extended beyond games however and even more recently has it been steered in the direction of the Internet.  This page has only been in existence for 5-7 months but it has flourished.  It also keeps increasing in quality.  When it first started out it was atrocious.  Now it's acceptable.  If you want to read about the life of this site you can go to my Pointless Pages or E-mail me.  My address is below. I continue to try to find ways to get more people here and also ways to give needed services, my main problem is that I don't have a place to do CGI scripting at so I am very limited in what I can do.  I hope to be able to do CGI scripting soon however.  I will be more than happy o make a web page for you if you need one made cheaply.  Go here to see the special page I put up about that or simply E-mail me.  I will add more to this later, have a good day :^)

This site was created by Willy Schutt.  Feel free to report any bad links, problems, concerns, worries, compliments, and ideas that you may have. This site would not be possible without Jesus, please give HIM all the glory, I try to.