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Professional Website Design International can create and provide a wide variety of services.  It is therefore difficult to create a comprehensive list of examples.  Furthermore, no two sites or images will be the same.  However, here is compiled a small number of examples to give you an idea of the kind of things PWDI can do.

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Why do people do what they do?  How do they decide what to do in a given situation?  Does the Devil directly influence these answers?  If so, how much?  Well I think the best way to answer these questions is to look at myself.  Most of what I say and do is automatic, based on habit and upbringing.  Some, I stop and think about, but my conclusion is still based on upbringing and habits.  So I guess I rarely decide what to do by my self, it's all automated, then after each time I look back at the outcome then make a slight adjustment to my habit.  Most of what happens is sub-conciuse.  So what about devilish influences?  Well how much am I influenced by God?  A lot.  So it's probably the same for non-believers only reversed.  Another difference is the devils try to cover their tracks, God doesn't.  Also, for me at least, it's not like I actually ask God at every turn "what should I do next", it's more like I think, "What does God want me to do?".  I'm sure it's much the same for non-believers but instead of using "devil" in place of "God" they use "I" because it sounds much better.  Think about it.  So, probably, if I'm anything like other people, they do things because it's ingrained into them from parents, friends, experiences and devils.  I guess the next question is how do we change these in-grained responses?  I know God wants us to.  I guess the main thing is to take it out of automatic and into manual.  More literally, take the decision making out of your sub-concience mind and into you concience mind.  Then doing something about it once it's where you can change it.  It's not easy but it must be done for you to be a healthy christian.