Website backgrounds are one of the most important parts of any page.  This is because they set the scene for what the feel of your site should be.  These images and colors can invoke several very important responses from the viewer.

There has been much study in the area of color psychiatry.  Large companies such as Coca-Cola have found red to be a color that invokes thirst.  Clashing colors such as flourecent green and red demand attention.  Also flashing colors cause diversions of interest.

PWDI realizes this and makes use of these and other techniques designed to bring the most out of your site.  PWDI combines the originality of a small company, with the techniques of large corporations using the simple yet profound science of art and human nature.

The cost for background often run about $20-$40 depending upon complexity and work involved.  Feel free to contact PWDI for a quote.

Human nature is a sin nature.  According to the bible, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  That is why Christ died on the cross.  To take away our sins forever.  All we need to do is accept that gift.  There is a saying in the economic world.  It is TiNSTaaFL.  Which means There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.  This is true for any economic system; anything you get, had to be earned, by someone somehow.  You could also say that it is true for any spiritual system.  No matter what you believe, it comes at a cost, but it also has benefits.  Jesus Christ said that his yoke is easy and his burden is light, yes there is a cost, no it is not too much... for anyone.

Have you ever wondered how anti-gravity works?  There's a really simple formula that any layperson can understand.  It works like this:  Everyone knows the basic premise that cats will always land on their feet no matter where you drop from.  It is also equally well known that buttered toast will similarly land butter-side-down when dropped from a random height.  Therefore with these two simple premises it is quite understandable that if you strap buttered toast onto the back of a cat that will then form a paradox and since neither law can take precedence neither will prevail and the contraption will float in midair- unable to decide how to land.  Elementary.

For best result it is is usually best to put both the cat and the toast in suspended animation so that you don't have the problem of the cat dieing on you, or the toast slipping off the cat, as making a horrible mess.  This explains the interesting purring sound that is usually accompanied by UFO sightings...