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Where do people go for spiritual help?  Historicaly speaking they go to the established church.  Bit in this day and age, there is little to go to the church for.  The churchdoes not provide anything that can't be gotten out on the street for cheaper.  I mean at the church your suppoed to pay a lousy 10%!  On the street you can what you need for a fraction of the cost.  I mean quality is still lacking and the effect is short, but it's a good fix.  Basically what I want to say is that the church needs to get off its butt and do its job.

According to Actsthe church should provide shelter and protection for the unfortunates of society such as the homeless and the widowed.


If reality is so relative then are there absolutes?. Well “of course” we say, “a cake is a cake is a cake is a cake.”. But a cake is also an el pastel (spanish) a muffin, a cupcake, bread, sugar, eggs, ect... So is a cake absolute? If you  eave it on your table longe enugh it will become dry, them mouldy, then eventually no longer visible. Is it absolute? No. Name one thing that common science studies that is absolute. The planets? Not only do they dissipate into lower-level heat energy, they also aren’t even constant. Are we absolute? That’s pretty easy, we die, change our minds, we can’t do what we want to, we are petty. So is there an absolute? Something we can rely on to never change? Yes there is someone like that and his name’s Jesus. However he is still relative to your point of view. God has allowed us to find our own point of view, but you can descide where it will be.  So please, change your point of view so you can see The Absolute through all the changeing things around us.