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Professional Website Design International is a small internet company that stands by it motto. P.W.D.I. provides global services for your personal needs in an easily understandable manner.  This company is founded on Christian values and seeks to give God all the glory.  All of this site is made possible through Christ's divine gift, the gift of a new hope in what is to come.  Please feel free to send any feedback you may have this way.  The general e-mail address for all contact is  Thanks for your time and for coming, enjoy your day and may God's will be done in your life. 

Please note:  The text and stories provided on the right side of many of PWDI's pages are for entertainment and educational uses only.  They do not necessarily reflect the morals, values, views or perspectives of any staff or employee of Professional Website Design International.

Darwin Awards:

The Darwin Awards commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice by eliminating themselves from the species in an extraordinarily novel fashion, thereby improving our genetic pool. This citation is almost always granted posthumously, preferably before procreating.

Here is an example:

A Wichita, Kansas woman who allowed her 10-year-old son to back the family car down the driveway stumbled while directing the boy and was fatally run down when he stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake.  At about 5:30PM the woman's son and a friend wanted to play basketball in the driveway, but the car was in the way. The mother stood behind the car helping guide the maneuver.  She stumbled after walking backwards into a bush. The 28-year-old accident victim died at the scene Friday.  Her name was withheld by authorities.  The boy was physically unhurt.

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