$$PLUS Version 3 Download and info page.

If you want to download the app feel free to click here $$plusVer3.exe.wil at any time. Keep in mind you need to take off the ".wil" extension before you can run it. I will put some basic info on how to use it below. I will try to get some screen shots soon.

Basically when you first run this you will want to create a basic CFG like this data.cfg one. If there is interest in this program I will further development on it to have a startup screen which will prompt for initial setup, but since its so far been just for me that hasn't been much of an issue. MAke sure this is in the same directory as the EXE file. From here you can go into options => edit users menu to go and create your accounts you want to be able to represent. Now here I need to pause to describe myway of thinking. You will see here that there are three types of accounts:

- Virutal: This is a "budget" or "imaginary" account. This is designed when your physical accounts do not match your desired useage for the money.

- Physical: This is a real account such as a checking, savings or Credit Card account.

- Quick: This is a sub-type pf a physical account used for a single special feature. This is to define physical accounts where the money is on hand or can be withdrawn quickly. Mostly usful if you get fancy with it and want to keep an eye on cash flow type concerns. (You have checking accounts and investments accounts etc all in here.) I would typically call cash accounts quick accounts.

As you go through these accounts create a friendly name first, then either generate a account ID or key. This ID is for internal purposes to the program and should not be the same as your physical account (I.e. not your Credit Card number.) as it is not encrypted in any way. These must be unique numbers.

Now you select the ADD and Subtract precentages for the account. Usually you just want to leave these at zero unless you want to use the more adnaved feature for budgeting. This is the core of why I wrote the program however, I could not find any other program that would do this for me. The simplest explination I have is if you budget a certain amount percentage of your income for each virtual (budget) account use this to automatically add the correct amount of money each time you get paid (The "add" amount). If you have a slush fund for most of your expenses put that fund to -100 for subtract to save a few click later on. These numbers MUST total 200 for each side for all accounts listed. 100 percent on Virtual accounts and 100 percent in Quick and Physical accounts combined.

Thought I'd throw a few more notes out there for the fun of it. Please do feel free to throw thoughts on the program my way way. I'm ok with positive or negative feedback. Als, as always there is of course no warranty express or implied or in any other means. This is a basic program that uses the .NET 1.x framework so there is nothing fancy but it does write files to the hard disk and any such program all gontigencies cannot be counted upon. There is of course no spyware in the program, but always a good idea to scan it, you never know, my server could get hacked without my knowledge and there be something injected...

One other quick note. Basic Summery will not update util you click on the "Get Summary" button. I'm not sure why I did that now, but I'm sure I had a reason at the time. I will write more later. If you want to contact me feel free to use either email encoded in the help screen. The first one is preferred. Thanks!

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